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It takes a lot of effort to ensure that the trees you own are in good shape. At Tree Masters, we understand the importance of proper tree care and maintenance and are dedicated to ensuring our customers get nothing less than the best in tree care services in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in all aspects of tree care, from pruning and trimming to removal and stump grinding. Since 2012, our team of experienced and certified arborists have provided the highest quality of service for trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Through diligence and a commitment to quality and safety, we’ve cultivated a reputation for excellence among our customers. If you need help managing the trees on your residential or commercial property, our arborists in Charlotte are ready to help!

Call Tree Masters at (704) 802-1150 or contact us online to learn more about our tree services in Charlotte!

What Tree Services DO We Offer?

Tree Masters is a full-service tree care company. That means that if you have any need for a service involving any tree on your property, our professionally trained experts can handle it. Rest assured that our commitment to safety and quality means that any service we provide will meet your goals and expectations!

Some of the services we can provide include the following:

Can You DIY Tree Removal Services?

It's important to be careful when attempting tree removal or pruning on your own because it can be dangerous. Climbing up tall trees, using sharp tools, and dealing with heavy branches can lead to accidents if you're not properly trained. Without the right knowledge and equipment, you could accidentally harm yourself, damage property, or even make the tree fall in the wrong direction.

Tree service professionals have the necessary skills and safety measures to handle these tasks safely. That's why it's generally recommended to let the experts take care of tree removal or pruning to ensure everyone's safety.

What Are Common Tree Diseases & Pests Found in Charlotte Trees?

Some common tree diseases in Charlotte include fungal infections like oak wilt or dogwood anthracnose. These diseases can make the tree's leaves turn brown or black, cause spots or lesions on the bark, or even make the tree die. Another issue is pests, which are small insects or animals that can harm trees.

Examples of tree pests in Charlotte include beetles, aphids, or caterpillars. These pests can eat the leaves, bore into the trunk, or suck the sap from the tree, causing damage and weakening the tree's health. It's important to keep an eye out for signs of diseases or pests and take appropriate action to protect the trees in your area.

What are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

If you request tree trimming services, you can expect many benefits that come with it.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Becomes easier to detect diseases
  • More exposure to sunlight
  • Healthier trees
  • Prevents Root Loss

Committed to Providing Safe & Quality Tree Services

No property owner really wants hasty labor that does a sloppy job. Although Tree Master can get the job done quickly, we invest time where it counts to ensure that we’re not only doing things right, but we’re also doing them safely for us and our customers.

Our goal is to ensure that we always leave your trees in better shape than when we found them, which is a mindset that applies to all of our services, including tree care, trimming, and removal. We want you to feel assured that our work not only looks good but that it also protects those on your property against the potential hazards that trees can pose.

Contact Us Today for 24/7 Emergency Service

Emergencies are rarely convenient, especially when they involve trees. Dead trees are liable to fall over, and heavy limbs and branches can come crashing down. If you are dealing with these hazards at any time of day or night, rest assured that help can get there as soon as possible when you call our arborists in Charlotte for help! Tree Masters is ready to help whenever you need us! Whether you wish to contact us for a one-time service or contract with us for routine tree care services, we’re able to accommodate your need for service.

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For more information about tree care services in Charlotte, reach out to us online or call us at (704) 802-1150 today!

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