Top Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

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Tree Trimming Mistakes to Avoid

Trees add appeal and beauty to any outdoor space, and keeping up with them is vital to maintaining their health and appearance. While you may feel tempted to go outside and trim your trees yourself, getting a professional tree trimming service is the way to go.


Sometimes, doing things yourself isn’t a bad thing. However, incorrectly trimming your trees can cause damage to your trees and your property. If you feel the urge to take on the responsibility of pruning, we suggest making yourself aware of these mistakes and avoid making them as best as possible.

Bad Timing

One thing a lot of homeowners don’t realize is that you could trim your trees at the wrong time. If you see insects on the tree, trimming it can encourage the insects to remain in the tree so they can take advantage of catalyzers produced by tree sap from cut branches. Instead, wait until after the trees bloom in the spring. However, it is okay to trim away dead branches any time of the year.

Using the Wrong Tools

If you’ve been trimming your own trees, then you know there are a lot of tools out there that you can choose from. If the tools you’re using are dull, or unsanitized, then you could potentially be putting more strain on your trees. In turn, this can cause bacteria to grow and infect your tree with fungus or another disease, jeopardizing its health as a whole.


Using dull tools on your tree is similar to cutting yourself with a dull object. It can leave jagged cuts and affect the appearance of your tree, while also causing the cut to close incorrectly.

Not Taking Safety Measures

A mistake you should always avoid is ignoring safety precautions while pruning. Tree pruning is a tough job, and trained professionals know what measures to take in order to do it safely. If you’re a homeowner who is unaware of safety practices, we suggest relying on a professional tree trimming service to safely and correctly prune your trees.

Pruning in Bad Weather

If you know there’s a storm coming, don’t panic and rush to prune your trees! You may feel the need to get it out of the way before the weather gets bad, but that’s not a good idea. When bad weather happens, your tree will likely need some cleanup anyway, so pruning right before a storm won’t benefit the tree’s health or appearance.


Instead, the best way to make sure your trees aren’t pruned with inclement weather, but still kept up on time in spite of the weather is to hire a tree service to handle your pruning in a timely manner.

Too Much Pruning

Even if you’re not using the right tools, trim in bad weather, or at the wrong time, you could also trim your trees too much. We know there’s a lot that goes into correctly pruning your trees, and over-pruning can damage your trees.


Sometimes pruning too often can lead to irreparable damage. So, it’s best to pay attention to dying branches, and only prune when needed if you’re going to do it yourself.

Call Tree Masters When You Need a Trim!

When you think your trees are ready for pruning, just let us know! We can be your guide on the best timing to trim your trees so that they can remain healthy and beautiful! Our team at Tree Masters wants to add to the beauty of your landscape while ensuring that your trees are healthy. Give us a call at (704) 802-1150.

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