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If your trees are in major disarray, you may have heard of a process called clearance pruning. Sometimes referred to as hat-racking, rounding over, heading, or tipping, clearance pruning is an extreme solution that some uninformed landscapers will recommend without fully understanding the consequences. At Tree Masters, we understand that there are occasions where clearance pruning is a viable choice, but we want our customers to be making informed decisions about their foliage. We don’t take clearance pruning lightly, and we’ll help you weigh all the costs of clearance pruning against the potential benefits. Whether you just need a trim or you really do need clearance pruning, we’ll get the job done safely, effectively, and without damaging your landscaping.

If you’re interested in clearance pruning, what it will do to your trees, and whether or not it’s necessary for you, please contact Tree Masters’ Waxhaw office at (704) 802-1150 for a consultation.

What Is clearance pruning?

clearance pruning is a process wherein the entire top portion of a tree is removed, leaving only a length of trunk behind. Occasionally some branches or branch stumps will be left behind, but overall, the process will involve removing large portions of your tree, not just wayward branches. This can severely damage the health of your trees, sending them into shock, triggering the growth of unsightly vertical branches, and even shortening their lifespans.

Debunking clearance pruning Myths

There are a lot of myths out there about clearance pruning that cause uninformed amateurs to take a chainsaw to their own trees against the advice of professional arborists. A lot of people believe that topping a tree will cause it to regrow to a shorter height, avoiding rooftops or power lines. They also believe that clearance pruning is just a more extreme version of pruning and that their tree will continue to grow back just like it always has, just leaving more time until it needs to be cared for again. Some people will even recommend clearance pruning as a way to bring old trees back to life, reasoning that the regrowth tree will be more vibrant and healthier.

The truth is that none of those myths are true. When you top a tree, it won’t grow back smaller, and it definitely won’t grow back healthy, because you’re removing the canopy, where it gets most of its nutrients. Topped trees that don’t die shortly after the process is complete go into survival mode, and their growth is unattractive and uncontrollable – in fact, topped trees may need even more pruning than they did before.

What clearance pruning WON’T Do:

  • Prevent your trees from growing too tall
  • Help you save money on trimming and pruning
  • Get rid of excess foliage
  • Rejuvenate or revitalize your trees

If an inexperienced arborist or landscaper is recommending clearance pruning to you, always consult with Tree Masters to find out if there are better options. Clearance pruning should only be considered in very specific instances as a last resort.

When is clearance pruning Beneficial?

Despite the numerous costs of clearance pruning, there are scenarios where it may be your best option. If your tree has suffered heavy damages from a storm, clearance pruning can prevent those damages from spreading. Clearance pruning can also be performed as a precursor to tree removal to make sure there are fewer branches and hazards when the tree is fully removed later. In all circumstances, clearance pruning should only be performed with the guidance and assistance of experienced tree professionals, and our team at Tree Masters certainly qualifies. We’ll let you know if you need clearance pruning or trimming and ensure that the job gets done the right way.

Do you believe that clearance pruning may be just what you need? Contact Tree Masters online or give us a call at (704) 802-1150 today to receive a free estimate!

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Clearance Pruning Specialists

Every tree is unique, so we use a personalized approach to our clearance pruning services in Waxhaw, NC. Our experienced arborists can examine your trees to assess the overall health, evaluate any problems, and determine the best methods for improving the health and appearance of your trees, whether that’s giving them a simple trim or topping them before final removal. We have the skill and equipment to perform clearance pruning according to the latest guidelines for health, safety, and appearance.

We explain the work that is needed, make recommendations, and always take the time to answer your questions. At Tree Masters, we are happy to provide additional information and free estimates for clearance pruning and our other tree services.

  • They got to work, masterfully brought the trees down with no issues and cleaned up.

    “I had them come out to remove 2 Bradford Pear trees and I cannot express how impressed I was with the entire crew. I recommend them highly on their service as well as on the pricing that I received.”

    - Dave C.
  • They are professional, courteous and very reasonable in cost.

    “They arrived at my home on time and started cutting a few trees down and it started pouring down rain. They continued to work in the rain to finish the job. They were fast and efficient and hard working. I would definitely recommend their services!”

    - Past Customer
  • Excellent service and friendly workers.

    “Rescued our house from a potential disaster with very short notice. We are completed satisfied and grateful that the huge leaning tree did not crash our house.”

    - Don G.
  • The owner and his crew did an excellent job!

    “The owner and his crew did an excellent job removing trees from my property. He contacted me immediately after my initial request for a quote. I was frequently updated about the status of the project. The price was very reasonable.”

    - Susan B.
  • The crew did a fantastic job!

    “We had a handful of trees overhanging the house. We were able to schedule an appointment within a couple of days. The crew did a fantastic job at a very affordable price. I would highly recommend this company for any tree removal needs.”

    - Tim I.