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Expert Tree Removal & Care

Trees provide many benefits. They offer shade and beauty. Trees are home to wildlife and improve air quality. They can help control erosion and conserve water. At Tree Masters, we recognize the value of trees and apply that appreciation to every tree service we offer.

Our highly trained arborists have provided quality tree service in Fort Mill, SC area since 2012. Sometimes called tree surgeons, professional arborists have a deep knowledge of the cultivation, management, and health of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants.

Our comprehensive residential and commercial tree services include the following:

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What Are the Signs You Need Tree Removal

Trees are often a treasured element in a landscape. But when a tree begins to look unhealthy, call on our team to diagnose if pests or diseases are to blame.

Signs a tree is unhealthy are:

  • Bare Branches
  • Holes in Leaves
  • Wilting
  • Cracks or Holes in the Trunk
  • Broken Branches
  • Uprooting

An unhealthy tree can impact surrounding trees, plants, and structures. Removing the tree is often the best way to limit damage to the rest of the property.

If a tree is planted too close to your home, roots can eventually grow through pipes and damage your plumbing system. Trees planted against a home may also affect drainage and cause more water to pool near the house.

Our arborists can remove trees to make room for decks, patios, and pools, too. We can also take out trees that are covering commercial signage and entrances.

How Long Does Tree Removal Take

When you request a professional tree removal service, you can expect it to take between 10 minutes to a couple hours. the time it takes to complete the tree removal will depend on how large the tree is and how many trees need to be taken down. Other factors, lie how crowded the area is may impact tree removal time as well. For the best estimate on time to complete tree removal, be sure to contact your local tree removal company.

Is Tree Trimming Necessary?

All trees, whether planted in business or residential areas, need care and maintenance to maintain their health and preserve curb appeal. Like cutting the grass, weeding gardens, or deadheading spent blooms, regular care for your trees will help them thrive.

Professional pruning encourages strong growth and supports overall health. Tree trimming can potentially save a tree by removing diseased or dead limbs.

A tree that doesn’t grow uniformly can pose problems. Uneven weight distribution makes a tree more susceptible to wind, potentially falling on surrounding structures. The same risk exists when a tree’s branches are too dense. Trimming excessive branches and creating a more uniform shape will improve safety and appearance.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

The weather in Fort Mill, SC ranges from hot and muggy in the summer to cold and wet in the winter. Thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, ice, and snow are typical weather events. Mother Nature can leave a path of destruction in its path: downed limbs, fallen trees, and more.

Ensure that your property is cleared of dangerous storm debris by calling on Tree Masters. We have the knowledge and equipment to remove fallen trees and limbs. We also trim damaged trees to bring them back to health and reduce the likelihood of branches falling off in the future. Our precision services only remove what needs to be removed to preserve the beauty of your property.

We work with homeowners, commercial property owners, and insurance companies to remove and trim trees damaged by storms. We are available to take your call after hours. Same-day service is available.

Clearance Pruning

Clearance pruning is a viable option in certain situations but should be carefully considered.

Homeowners and business owners might consider a type of clearance pruning that removes the entire top of the tree to expand their view or avoid rooftops and powerlines. In many cases, this time of pruning is ill-advised. Using a chainsaw to top off a tree can push it into shock, causing permanent damage. The top, or canopy, is where the tree receives most of its nutrients. The result is unstable and unattractive growth – and that’s if the tree survives.

Pruning to provide clearance for pedestrians using sidewalks or to create more space between a tree and your home are examples of when proper clearance pruning might be appropriate.

Our Tree Masters arborists can evaluate the tree and recommend how to best meet your desired result through precision clearance pruning.

Land & Site Clearing

Construction often requires that trees and shrubs be removed. We have the equipment, technology, knowledge, and experience to effectively clear and grade a site. Properly clearing and leveling the land can reduce future problems such as foundation shifting, drainage issues, and erosion.

We clear and grade construction sites for:

  • Developers
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Individual Homeowners

We apply our advanced know-how to all projects, relying on the best technology and equipment to get the job done right.

Comprehensive Tree Care & Removal Services in Fort Mill, SC

Tree Masters is a family-owned business dedicated to providing the highest standards in tree care & services. You can always count on getting the best advice and project execution for everything we do. Trust the experienced arborists at Tree Masters.

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