Winter Tree Care Tips

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Tips to Keep Trees Healthy

Your tree needs care in the winter just like any other time of the year! When it’s cold and wet outside, you should take advantage of these conditions while your trees are in dormancy. Unfortunately, we can’t give our trees a winter coat and gloves to stay warm, but we can prepare them for cold weather to keep them safe during frigid temperatures!

Our team at Tree Masters knows how important it is to keep your trees healthy at all times of the year, including winter. The work you do now can help your trees adjust to cold weather year after year if you keep it up.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can get your trees ready for colder weather.

Prune Your Trees

What is pruning? Pruning is a technique that involves cleaning and removing dead, dying or diseased branches for the crown of a tree. Pruning removes potential safety hazards that can come from falling branches.

When to Prune

Generally, you should begin pruning your trees as soon as you see leaves beginning to fall. Pruning can be done during the dormant season so that professionals can see the branches clearly without leaves. Getting your trees pruned in the winter can help your tree service company make cleaner cuts and allow machinery to get close to the trees. This also helps keep your trees healthy and keep professionals safe while they work on your trees.

Benefits of Pruning

There are several benefits to getting your trees pruned, especially if you would like to see your trees produce more flowers. Pruning your trees can help them produce more flowers throughout the year. It can also ensure that your tree stays healthy since the dead and dying branches are being removed.

Get Your Trees Inspected

During the winter, ice can form on your trees and weigh them down, which can cause their branches to bend and break from the weight. To avoid any damage to your tree or a potential safety hazard, we suggest hiring a professional to inspect your trees for already broken or weak branches.

Temperature fluctuation can affect the health of your trees and cause stress. This could result in your more mature trees experiencing rapid changes in temperature from day to night. Frequent temperature changes can cause the outer bark and inner wood of your tree to crack. Inspect your trees yourself regularly for damage, and if needed, contact a professional to do a complete inspection to ensure your tree is healthy.

Spread Mulch

Another way to care for your tree is by spreading mulch around it to retain moisture and warmth in cold temperatures. Mulching and fertilization are very important for the health of your tree all year long. Adding mulch helps your tree retain its nutrients until spring and aids in healthy root growth.

Mulch is usually made from chips of wood, leaves, and other organic material. When adding mulch, ideally, you should cover the ground around your tree with a 3 to 5-inch layer of mulch starting a couple of inches from the base of the tree.

Rely on a Professional Tree Service in Waxhaw, NC this Winter!

Our team at Tree Masters knows how important your trees are to you, and we’re here to help you care for them! Our professional tree service company has the right tools, knowledge, and experience to keep your trees healthy and beautiful through all seasons. Give us a call at (704) 802-1150 for more information about our tree care services.

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