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When Do You Need to Call a Pro for Emergency Tree Services?

It’s no secret that trees can add tremendous value to your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also provide shade, privacy, and a natural habitat for birds and other wildlife. Unfortunately, trees can also be a major source of stress for homeowners. Trees can become diseased or damaged in storms, leading to dangerous conditions around your home.

Knowing when it’s time to call a professional for emergency tree services is an integral part of being a responsible homeowner. Let’s take an in-depth look at the signs that indicate it’s time to call a pro.

Dead or Dying Branches

The last thing you want to see as a homeowner is a beautiful tree wasting away. If you notice dead or dying branches on your trees, it’s important to address the issue immediately.

Dead branches are much more likely to fall off during a storm or high winds, potentially damaging your property or injuring someone nearby. Professional tree service technicians have the tools and expertise needed to safely remove these branches before they create a hazard.

Leaning Trunks

A leaning tree trunk often indicates poor root health or soil instability. If you notice that your tree is leaning significantly, it may be time to call in a professional tree service provider who can assess the situation and determine if the tree needs to be removed or salvaged with corrective pruning techniques.

Mushrooms Growing at the Base of Your Tree

Mushrooms growing near the base of your tree are an indication that there is decaying wood in your tree's roots. This rotting material can cause significant damage not just to the roots but also to nearby structures and other plants in your yard. A professional arborist should be called immediately if you suspect this problem with any of your trees.

Split Bark

Another sign that something isn't quite right with one of your trees is split bark. In some cases, split bark occurs naturally due to seasonal change. However, if you notice multiple splits in different areas on one branch or trunk, it's time to call a professional for further inspection and analysis.

Uneven Canopy Growth

Uneven canopy growth—especially when accompanied by discolored leaves—is usually an indication of something wrong with the branch structure and/or root system of your tree(s). In most cases, uneven growth means corrective pruning must take place so that all limbs receive adequate sunlight exposure without becoming overloaded with foliage weight—a job best left to experienced professionals!

Large Cracks in Trunk/Bark

When there are large cracks appear on the trunk or bark, this could signal structural instability within the entire tree. An expert arborist should always investigate them before any action is taken, including tree removal.

Presence of Insect Infestations

Insect infestations are never good news for any type of plant life; however, they can wreak havoc on trees more quickly than other types of vegetation due to their size and complexity (not to mention their tendency towards slow growth). Contact a knowledgeable arborist immediately if you suspect insect infestation on any of your trees.

They will be able to properly identify what species has invaded and how best to eradicate them from causing further damage without harming other organisms living in harmony within its canopy area.

Professional Tree Services in Waxhaw, NC

Recognizing when it’s time for emergency tree services can help save money and hassle down the road—not to save yourself from potential injury due to falling limbs. Keep an eye out for these warning signs and call in an expert arborist from Tree Masters who can assess the situation safely and accurately diagnose any underlying issues causing problems with one (or more) of your beloved trees. Reach us at (704) 802-1150 to schedule an appointment.

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